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Sintex-BAPL Ltd.'s - State of the art- Precision Parts Division in Chennai
BAPL commenced operation of its new state of the art - Precision Parts Division near Kancheepuram, Chennai. The unit was inaugurated on 26th September 2011 by Mr. Gilles Nief( President & CEO - Nief Plastic Groupe, France) in the presence of chief guest Mr. Sunil Kanojia (Group President - Sintex Group)

The plant commenced manufacturing "Precision Components" using Injection Moulding. The unit will cater to the needs of the Electrical, Automotive & Aerospace industries on small and precision components in domestic and European markets.

The technology is transferred from Nief Plastic, France which is also a Sintex subsidiary.
Sintex-BAPL Ltd. Introduces 3D blow moulded Fuel Filler Pipes in India.  
Sintex-BAPL Ltd. developed first 3D blow moulded fuel filler pipes in India for the latest Mahindra Platform XUV 500.

The State of the art facility is located in Pithampur and Pune and is capable for delivering to the SUV/UV sector platform for Indian and Export markets.

Plastic Fuel Filler pipes have better crash performance, lighter weight, corrosion & chemical resistance and competitive cost compared to metal pipes.
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Introducing state of the art Custom Moulding Services:  


Custom Moulding is our stronghold. The group is equipped with diverse capabilities of moulding and post moulding operations in Fabrication Techniques, Assembly Lines, paint lines and Prototyping, R&D and Tool Design. It finds applications in following industries:

• Automotive                        • Aerospace & Defence
   Passenger vehicle                        Aircraft components
   Commercial vehicle                      Defence Equipments & Accessories

• Electrical                           • Mass Transit
   Electrical Equipments                  Metro Rails
   Consumer Electronics                 Passenger Bus
   Energy - Wind Turbines               Motors Coaches

• Medical                             • Farming & Mining
   Medical Equipments                    Construction Vehicles
   Medical Imaging                            Farm Vehicles

• Recreational Vehicles
   Trike Bodies
   Custom Kit Car Shells
   Watercraft Deck
   Cruiser Class Powerboat
   Personal Watercraft Decks



Knowledge Centre for learning and innovation  


At Sintex we have fine-tuned the science of viewing innovation through the lens of practicality to design unique solutions. The knowledge centre is a vault of information about us. A range of case studies have been compiled to showcase the power of 'Active Thinking'. 'Active Thinking' is the ability to infuse newer ideas and newer ways of doing things into all parts of the organisation, and improve business outcomes.

We recognize and nurture 'Active Thinking' as part of our Sintex values. Therefore we have tried to incorporate these values into every business that we undertake.






Website address of Sintex group companies

Sintex web site - http://www.sintex.in
Wasauki web site - http://www.wauscomp.com
Nief Plastics web site - http://www.nief-plastic.com/categories/1-company