With a view to strengthen our position, we at Sintex aim to offer ourselves as a global solutions provider to our clients both in India and abroad. To achieve this we have adopted an aggressive strategy of inorganic growth. Under this strategy we have acquired companies that are specialists in their respective areas.

Wausaukee Composites Inc. - USA

Nief Plastic SAS

Zeppelin Mobile systems India Limited

Sintex Industries Limited

Wausaukee Composites Inc. - USA  


The acquisition of Wausaukee Composites Inc. provides us a direct entry into the US composites market.

We intend to enter into new markets of wind energy and recreation, and expand our organic growth of existing lines of business – medical imaging, therapeutics, construction truck and tractor, and mass transit. With the acquisition, we get:

• Front end marketing in US for Sintex   products, manufactured across diversified   processes

• Access to OEM Fortune 500 customer base

• Access to superior technology

• Sinetx LCC advantage to leverage volume    business for Wausaukee

Wausaukee composites Inc. acquired 100% of the equity shares of Nero Plastic, Michigan, USA. Nero Plastic has two manufacturing facilities and is a custom moulder of low and medium volume structural plastic and composite components. It caters to the heavy equipment, mining, heavy truck, mass transit, medical and sporting goods industries.

With their acquisition, Wausaukee and in turn, the Sintex group gets:

• Access to manufacture low and medium volume fibre reinforced plastic composites

• Competitive strength in a number of moulding process

• Additional US-based manufacturing capacity

• Competitive strength in a number of moulding process

• Design, engineering and testing support


Nief Plastic SAS  


Nief Plastic is one of the leading companies in the European thermoplastics market by injection and machining and thermo sets market by injection and compression. They have a strong base of 11 manufacturing plants: 7 in France, 1 in Hungary, 1 in Slovakia and 1 each in Tunisia and Morocco.

They have a strong presence in the high quality insert moulding and bi-polymer injection technology and decoration areas. Their relationship with large international companies such as Peugeot, Renault, Schneider,Legrand, ABB, Alstom, Valeo, and Faurecia is remarkable. We have acquired 100% of equity shares of Nief Plastic, France and through the acquisition, we get :

• Access to Nief’s manufacturing technology

• Access to Nief’s strong customer base

• A route to enter the European plastic   components market with competitive pricing   and technical qualifications

• Potential synergies with Sintex-BAPL Ltd. – to   create a strong presence in   automotive   composite and electrical market




Zeppelin Mobile systems India Limited  


A leading shelter manufacturer in India occupies the premium leadership positioning. ZMI designs, manufactures and installs Telecom shelters, radar shelters, EMI/EMC shielded shelters, mobile maintenance shelters, mobile hospitals, ambulances and refrigerated & insulated vehicle. ZMI as a subsidiary of the Sintex group  has enabled us to foray  into the shelter industry and access to:

• The technology which is sourced & supported  by Zeppelin, Germany.

• Access to premium customer base, both in   India and abroad including Bharti, Vodafone,   Idea, Tata, Reliance, ZTE, Indus, Ericsson,   BSNL, Alcatel -Lucent etc.

• Additional PUF manufacturing capacity used for diverse application of cold chain   management and prefabricated shelters, offices.



Sintex Industries Limited  


Sintex Industries Limited (Earlier known as The Bharat Vijay Mills Ltd) has two divisions – textiles and plastics. In the area of textiles, we have been pioneers in high value fabrics. For more details on textile division operations please visit sintex-india.com
Our Plastics Division started in the year 1975 and today we have most diversified manufacturing capabilities in plastic processing in the world, with 10 plants spread across the country, more than twelve manufacturing processes under one roof, having more than 500,000 Sq. meter area and a more than 1000 strong work force.

We have also created extensive finishing, assembling, metal fabrication and concrete products facilities. Combination of such varied capabilities along with our state-of-the-art design and tool room facilities enables us to give vast array of products and solutions.